Apocalypse – Only The Dead Survive

Apocalypse – Only The Dead Survive

Kris Dayne and Leo Gregory
Screenplay Stuart Bedford
Directed By Tony Jopia

 That’s a wrap!! Apocalypse – the MOVIE finished shooting on 31st August 2014 in Banbury. Well done to Tony and everyone involved. We can’t wait for the premiere

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Due for release in late 2017 and filmed on location in Banbury, ‘APOCALYPSE’ is an epic zombie, action horror movie that starts with the release of a lethal a virus that causes the dead to reanimate, which brings the world to its knees, the scientist responsible entrusts his cataclysmic findings to Katya Nevin, a troubled ex-war correspondent turned anchor-woman at W.W News. While she and the rest of her crew witness the collapse of society via video feeds from around the globe, a deadly special agent climbs the building floor by floor, his only goal to ensure her silence. Armed only with information and an indomitable will to live, Katya must overcome her crippling anxiety and learn to lead in order to make it out of the studio and into a terrifying new world where only the dead survive.’


Tony Jopia and his team, Jopia Productions, [finished shooting] the horror film, called Apocalypse.

The Deddington resident, who moved to Oxfordshire in 1998, said: “The big difference between this and other zombie movies is this new film has been created with zombie fans involved.

“We spoke to a lot of zombie fanatics and celebrities and we had zombie fans writing the screenplay.

“We think we’re doing a film that’s not only a film for fans but by fans.

“We’ll be using cinematic shock techniques where we will be embracing where other films have got it right along with our new ideas.”

The film will see a virus being released in Banbury which raises the dead and triggers a worldwide apocalypse.

Mr Jopia said: “It’s set in Banbury because I wanted a suburb-type feel.

“We’re an Oxfordshire-based company and we’ve been working with local talent for the last four or five years.

“There’s such a lot of talent out there. It’s celebrating with the area. We’re putting Banbury on the map.”

Jopia Productions has worked in Deddington and Chipping Norton before to produce horror comedy films Crying Wolf, available on DVD, and Cute Little Buggers, to be released in August.

Line producer Jeremy Stephens said: “We’re bringing some of the local businesses in on production and spending the money making the film here so it benefits everybody.

“It’s an ideal place to be.

“It’s got all the facilities we need. The people here are great and Banbury Town Council has been more than helpful.”

Courtesy of  The Oxford Mail

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In addition further thanks to The Old Auctioneer, The Red Cafe on Banbury’s Canal, Banbury Town Council and People’s Park, St. John’s Community Centre, AKA in Parsons Street, Thames Valley Police, Cherwell District Council to name but a few …