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Made in Molise – Italian Grocery

Visit Made in Molise in Banbury’s Castle Quay shopping centre for a large variety of foods sourced from Italy, specialising in the best artisan Italian food.

Our Banbury Shopping page showcases the very best quality of authentic, simple, seasonal Italian products and the largest varieties of Italian food brands and coffee for Banbury shoppers.

About Molise

Molise is a region located in Southern Italy, Its 35km sandy coastline to the north-east lies on the adriatic sea bordering the Tremiti islands. Molise is an abundantly mountainous region, boasting a 55%/45% partition of moutainous terrain to hillsides which drift down towards the sea.
In this beautiful land, the alpine stage is set for the famed truffle to thrive in its role as great protagonist. Immersed in shadowed mystery, from culinary delight to aphrodisiacal prowess, the truffle grows in the illuminated hills and valleys that create a variety of vivacious colours and scents alluding to a light autumnal freshness.

The secret is here revealed, beginning in darkness a patient and curious search for hidden gold takes place in the heart of Molise.

A true treasure hunt, with its perfected rituals; an early-morning rise comforted by the sounds of nature, accompanied by a trusted canine companion; either a bracco or a settler are vitally important for unearthing this precious delicacy. This is a search through nature fueled by patience, a little luck and a lot of passion.

Molise produces a large proportion of Italy’s truffles. In 2008 a truffle weighing more than 1 kilogram was discovered in the region, an outstanding record which was shattered only 8 years later when a Molisian truffle weighing almost twice that was found.
The terrain of Molise is very rich in its diverse array of truffle growth, with many different varieties calling this land home.

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