Tom’s Diner on the canalside

To all of our lovely Customers, Friends and Followers

We started experiencing huge losses in trade due to Covid-19 as our outside catering bookings were cancelled. At the same time, our other two most important sources of income (weekday lunches and weekend brunches) dwindled away as people began to stop going out. Our concerns for our customers’ and our staff’s wellbeing led to us closing 3 days before the Government advice.

Unfortunately, even though we are closed, we still need to pay our bills, equipment hire, insurance and staff wages. This would have been manageable had we been entitled to access the government small business grant, or the furlough scheme, or have been able to make a successful insurance claim. While we are fighting these decisions behind the scenes, time is not on our side.

As a new business, we were just at the point of going into profit, January and February were good months for us. We do not yet have any emergency savings, and sadly if we don’t access some form of funding, we will not survive. We have never asked for any help before, but this is our last resort.

We’ve been very keen to establish the cafe as a vibrant hub for our local community and beyond, supporting local social enterprises such as New Routes and New Ground Coffee, supporting local businesses such as Produce Warriors, Jeeves and Jericho Tea, TruLeaf Farms. We want to continue to grow our business partnerships, with ethics and social responsibility at the heart of what we do. We feel really sad and desperate to do this fundraising to keep our cafe alive, but in such difficult times this money raising campaign is our very last resort.

& we’re not asking for money for nothing. Please have a look at the rewards you will get in return for your donation:-

Pledge £5 or more: You get our love! Heaps of it!

Pledge £15 or more: You get a hot drink and a slice of cake/cupcake next time you visit us.

Pledge £25 or more: You and your partner/friend get a hot drink and a slice of cake/cupcake next time you visit us.

Pledge £50 or more: You and your partner/friend get a hot drink and a slice of cake/cupcake next time you visit us, plus a limited edition Tom’s Diner tote bag.

Pledge £50 or more: You get a card which allows you to get a hot drink (eat in or take away) 10 times.

Pledge £100 or more You get a card which grants you free coffee or tea in 2020. (Limited to one per day) +limited edition Tom’s Diner tote bag.

Pledge £150 or more You get an exclusive Tom’s Diner discount card which gives you 10% off in 2020 and 2021. (For purchases made in the shop eat in/take away). + limited edition Tom’s Diner tote bag and T shirt

Pledge £400 or more You get an original Tom’s Diner recipe every month by email for a year. 12 recipes in total. Includes ingredients, method, pictures and pro tips +limited edition Tom’s Diner tote bag and T shirt + one masterclass with one of our talented team

Thank you for reading this far and we thank you if you consider helping us. Another way to support would be to buy gift vouchers to redeem once we reopen.

Funds will be spent on upkeep of the shop’s premises, equipment hire, staff wages, bills and supplies to reopen.  To visit our crowd-funding page on JustGiving please click here .

Stay safe,

Lucy and all at #TeamTom

Tom’s Diner

Classic American Diner food in the heart of Banbury’s Creative Quarter

Locally sourced & made with love. A place where everyone can eat whether vegetarian, vegan, nf or even a someone looking for a healthy change!

An American inspired cafe where everyone can eat- it offers all the comfort food you’d expect, with a twist- gluten, nut free and plant based, so everyone can enjoy anything off the menu without feeling left out.

An ethical diner

Tom’s Diner will be a unique place to eat, in that it will be in essence, a business for good. Suppliers and partners are carefully chosen- either Social Enterprises such as New Ground Coffee, charitable organisations such as Frank Water, or B Corp Businesses who offer a new way of working in which business is a force for good.

Local ethical suppliers

Introducing another of our local drinks suppliers- the beyond delicious kombucha from their micro brewery right here in Oxfordshire. Because kombucha has a naturally vinegary taste, many brands add fruit for a second round of fermentation and a sweeter end result. Kombucha Kat does offer flavoured varieties (currently Blueberry and Ginger), but we think it’s nailed it when it comes to the Original. It’s super tasty, with a zing and a fizz in every sip.

Unpasteurised, certified vegan and organic, it has a beautifully crisp, subtle tang with a hint of apple. It appeals as a functional health elixir, grownup alcohol-free tipple or simply a refreshing soft drink. The brewers have recently switched from hand bottling to aluminium cans to keep up with demand and offer a better price point and increased sustainability.

Getting in contact

OPENING TIMESMonday to Saturday 10am until 4pm Sunday 10am – 3pm
ADDRESS@ Banbury Museum, Spiceball Park Road, Banbury, OX16 2PQ

We are a family friendly museum located above Tom’s Diner, next to the idyllic canal side and opposite Tooley’s historic boatyard.